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This glossary of construction market research terms is being constantly updated and added to, so feel free to check back regularly for the latest industry terminology. In addition, if you would like to submit an idea for a term, please get in touch via the contact page. If you are interested in reading market research findings from the construction sector visit our construction market research insights page.

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Architect market research
Architects are key to the process of property renovations and developments. They act as the first point more
Builder market research refers to the process of researching builders and their trade, with the aim more
Building control
A system, introduced after the Great Fire of London in 1666 covers rules and regualtions on minimums more
Building/ planning consent
Building consent (planning permission) is required in the UK and Ireland in order to be able to build more
Cement market research
When water is added to this grey powder, a chemical reaction happens, forming a paste which will harden more
Commercial build
A commercial build is a building that is used for the likes of warehouses, retail and office buildings. more
Construction Cavity
Cavity is the space immediately behind the cladding of a wall. It allows for drainage, which is key more
Contractor market research
Contractor market research can cover numerous sectors where an independent entity or business agrees more
Drainage is the process by which surface and sub-surface water is naturally or artificially removed. more
Derived from Latin, meaning ‘to contrive or devise’ and ‘cleverness’, engineers design structures more
Foundations, also known as footings, are the supporting structure (load bearing) of a building, usually more
Green buildings
Also known as green construction or sustainable buildings; green buildings use environmentally friendly more
House builder market research
A house builder is someone who builds houses for a living or as a business. They are often known as more
Independent merchant market research
Independent merchant market research is a retail business which sells goods to the trade. Often the more
Installation market research
Installation is the act of fitting something, for example, installing something on to a build or part more
Insulation market research
Insulation in construction is mainly used for thermal purposes, although can also refer to acoustic more
Masonry can be defined as the building of structures from individual units (such as brick or stone to more
Merchant market research
A Merchant is a person or company involved in the wholesale trade of goods. Builders Merchants are viewed more
New build market research
“New build” is the term used to describe the construction of new houses or other structures. Those more
Payment schedule
A payment schedule is a pre-agreed upon schedule of payments to a contractor usually based upon the more
Plaster board
Consisting of an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer sheets of cardboard, plasterboard more
Plaster market research
Plaster is a material used to produce a smooth finish on a surface, used ubiquitously in construction more
Plastering market research
Plaster is most often used internally on properties for a range of different applications such as protective more
Quantity Surveyor
A person trained in construction measurement and costs, a quantity surveyor works closely with architects more
Renovation market research
Renovation is the process of improving damaged, broken or out-dated structures, typically on residential more
Residential build market research
A residential build is regarded “residential” when more than half the floor area is used for dwelling more
Specifier market research
A specifier is a function performed by an individual or organisation to make or influence the decisions more
Structural engineering
Civil engineering breaks down into sub-disciplines, one of which structural engineering. Within this more
A subcontractor is the person or business hired to fulfil part of, or all of the obligations of another more
Subsidence is due to ground movement whereby the ground caves, shifts or sinks. This can lead to the more
Timber market research
In construction, timber is commonly categorised in to the different types of timber - hardwood and softwood more
Tradesmen market research
Tradesmen are often viewed as skilled manual workers of a particular trade requiring specialised skills more
Warranties are viewed as a promise, either written or implied, that the materials and workmanship of more