Our DJS Research Construction team has been effectively reaching a wide range of challenging construction profiles for over a decade.

We regularly research specifiers, installers and various distribution channels, and so are familiar with the difficulties associated with each. We also research more hard to reach profiles such as house builders, policy makers and building surveyors.

Within each audience we are able to engage senior decision makers in large companies, along with tradesmen and those who work more directly on site.

Our construction specialists are aware of the various challenges associated with individual construction profiles, and are experienced in tailoring their approach in line with individual considerations.

We have completed projects for large, international clients; undertaking quantitative studies using our in-house CATI unit, online survey platform, along with qualitative studies using a range of methodologies which include observations, accompanied shops, focus groups and in-depth interviews both by phone and face-to-face. Our construction team is best positioned to be able to advise the most suitable approach to any brief.

We utilise a range of research techniques for our clients to add an additional level of insight; conjoint exercises, Van Westendorp pricing, segmentation and market sizing have all played a role in the construction projects we’ve conducted in the past.