DJS Construction, part of DJS Research Ltd is a full service market research agency which has been expertly researching the construction industry for over a decade.

Our experience covers both consumer and business-to-business markets, and we conduct both qualitative and quantitative methodologies using a variety of both simple and complex research techniques – effectively providing insightful and actionable findings to our clients.

We offer a full service approach: identifying research requirements, developing a suitable research programme, conducting the fieldwork and reporting the findings – with Research Directors and Senior Researchers involved from start to finish.

Our construction specialists have worked on a range of topic matters, covering a wide range of construction markets.

Our knowledge extends into construction products and audiences. Having completed research with key decision makers across various construction groups such as specifiers, installers, sellers and house builders, DJS Research Construction is best placed to reach wide range of construction professionals from sole traders, to senior commercial and technical figures in the largest companies in the world.

Similarly with product categories, DJS Research Construction has a wealth of experience covering a wide range of products and applications. Having conducted research with such a variety of trade and profession, we have focused on a large variety of trade-specific products along with products used more widely by construction professionals in general.