DJS Research has a wealth of experience in construction branding research.

Having completed hundreds of projects in the construction sector relating to brand perception and corporate branding, we are able to fully engage customers and non-customers in detailed discussions around brand in both a qualitative and quantitative research setting.

Working with some of the key brands in the construction industry, we are well aware of the importance brand plays within the market.

In the recent past, we have conducted studies with market leading plasterboard / plasters suppliers, as well as major international producers of paint and paint products; exploiting our ability to conduct large scale quantitative studies as well as detailed, in-depth qualitative studies, to understand the perception of brands in the market, and how those perceptions can be improved or maintained.

Testing the product itself, along with the associated marketing collateral, we are able to engage with a range of audiences including professional architects, building contractors and merchants in telephone and face-to-face discussions, providing our clients with the strategic insight required to move forward with their brand development.