We have worked with a number of well-established clients in the construction industry.

For the majority of our clients, there will always be a need to identify new markets to enter. We have conducted research for market leaders looking into new, often niche markets to understand the potential for expansion – either in terms of a new product offering, or in positioning an existing project in a new market.

For instance, we have recently conducted research with specifiers into the phenolic insulation market, exploring this market in detail to understand how our client could position themselves within that market, or position their current products to compete in that market.

We have an in-house telephone unit including a specialist construction interviewing team, and used our experienced business-to-business telephone interviewers to speak with senior specifiers in large architectural and main contractor firms, providing our client with a level of insight into the phenolic market which they would not have necessarily been able to achieve through a different route.

Construction market entry research is one of the staple elements within our wider offering, and is a methodology that we at DJS Research have developed many years of experience in.