We are experienced in analysing key differences between channels, and the preference and attitudes of construction professionals spanning the full spectrum of trades – with recent experience of conducting the UK element of a global study for one of the largest construction distribution channel owners in the world.

As part of the project mentioned above, we utilised a mix of structured quantitative questioning using our in-house, 60 station CATI unit, and more in-depth approaches such as face-to-face interviews, observations and accompanied shops, to provide our client with a detailed understanding of channel preferences, perceptions and awareness and the figures to quantify those findings.

Understanding customer preferences in terms of distribution channels is a key concern for many of the major industrial and construction firms globally, being a key element in getting the right product to the right customer in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Utilising our distribution channel research, analysis of findings, and insight-driven presentations, our clients are able to better plan and structure their distribution channels to maximise take-up and revenue.