Having worked with a number of internationally recognised market leaders and innovators within the construction industry, we are able to conduct new product development / concept testing practically and effectively.

Providing our clients with a detailed understanding of perceptions towards potential new products or concepts, we are able to display visual concepts using state of the art quantitative tools such as our web-based platform and advanced telephone interviewing systems to provide our clients with the facts and figures relating to product development.

Alternatively, or in addition to our quantitative approaches, we can use our qualitative experience to explore the detail behind perceptions of a product by using a range of methodological techniques such as focus groups, in-depth interviews and observations; with each approach we can reach senior figures with both commercial and technical responsibilities, as well as technical or customer facing staff and tradesmen, among others.

Qualitative and quantitative new product development studies and concept testing can be useful at different stages throughout the construction NPD cycle – for instance, at the initial concept development stage, testing prototypes, or understanding the potential retail or wholesale price for a newly developed product or service.