There are various distribution channels used by construction professionals from wholesalers to DIY superstores. This audience also plays a key role in any construction project as they often dictate the products and materials chosen by installers through availability and cost. As a result, this also makes them a key audience in any construction research project. With the sellers being a difficult profile to reach, our experience has enabled us to build a tailored approach to reaching senior decision makers and branch managers which provides our clients with a much better understanding of distribution channels.

We are experienced in reaching a variety of distribution channels; merchant wholesalers, general wholesalers, speciality wholesalers, specific product wholesalers and DIY superstores have all played a role in research projects we’ve conducted in the past. Using effective recruitment methods, we are able to arrange both telephone and in-depth face-to-face interviews with this audience. We have used this to great effect in the past, conducting product testing, testing marketing collateral and understanding key challenges and industry trends within this group of the construction market.

DIY superstores

DIY superstores play an integral role in the construction market. Catering to both the end user/consumer and installers, their offer must be complete enough to appeal to the installer, yet not too trade focused to discourage the end user/consumer. We have conducted research for key DIY superstores, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to explore perceptions of construction professionals in relation to the DIY offer, visiting the stores for up to two hours with construction profiles and exploring their perceptions through large scale telephone interviews.