In construction, timber is commonly categorised in to the different types of timber – hardwood and softwood, although, some softwoods can be hard and vice versa. Softwood usually comes from coniferous trees which are evergreen, with hardwoods coming from broad-leaved deciduous trees.

Of the two types, there are numerous types of wood which each have their own characteristic working properties.

Wood is a very important material used in the construction industry, with the majority of new residential houses being made from a timber-framed construction, and also used as a supporting material for doors and their frames and kitchen units.

The DJS Research construction team can provide timber market research services, such as product or service satisfaction, market sizing, product testing and face to face interviewing with relevant contractors, merchants, homeowners or developers.

We understand how important timber is to the efficiency and development of a build, having had research projects commissioned in this area. The DJS Research Construction team have successfully completed timber market research in this area for national manufacturers and merchants.

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DJS Research is an MRS company partner and an approved supplier for the government’s flagship procurement exercise and a range of major construction sector clients, some of whom specialise in, and conduct, construction market research.