Subsidence is due to ground movement whereby the ground caves, shifts or sinks. This can lead to the movement of buildings (sinking to a lower level). Slight subsidence, known as settlement, is seen as quite normal – particularly for new builds or properties that have been expanded onto new foundations. However, if movement is substantial it can lead to large cracks through the structure that can cause significant damage to a structure’s integrity.

Subsidence can be caused by inconsistencies in ground support, for instance if the foundations of the structure are built on clay or other materials that may shift or sink over time, this can be caused by things such as tree roots, drainage or poor/uneven foundations. Where subsidence is present Senior Surveyors or Structural Engineers should be instructed to advise on remediation solutions.

The DJS Research construction team can provide subsidence market research services, including a range of services such as product reviews, focus groups and contractor research amongst other services.

We understand how important subsidence is to the construction sector, and have conducted research in this area specifically for a client involved in settlement and subsidence remediation solutions. We spoke with housing charted surveyors, geologists and structural engineers to identify different aspects of subsidence and solutions available for remediation.

If you would like to learn more about our subsidence market research capabilities, please visit or call us on +44 (0)1663-767857. DJS Research is an MRS company partner and an approved supplier for the government’s flagship procurement exercise and a range of major construction sector clients, some of whom specialise in and conduct construction market research.