Drainage is the process by which surface and sub-surface water is naturally or artificially removed. Many agricultural soils will need drainage to improve crop production or to manage supply of water to soil. There are many types of drainage depending on the application, from the simplest forms being a trench ditch/ drain commonly used to relieve water logged gardens. Drainage systems in urbanised and industrial areas can be more complicated; they are or have to be connected to the mains drain/ sewerage system to facilitate the disposal of waste liquid.

The DJS Research construction team can provide drainage market research services, including a range of services such as customer satisfaction, focus groups and face to face interviews.

We understand how important drainage is to the construction sector and also to tenants and homeowners, we have successfully conducted drainage market research for numerous national water companies

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DJS Research is an MRS company partner and an approved supplier for the government’s flagship procurement exercise and a range of major construction sector clients, some of whom specialise in and conduct construction market research.