Builder market research refers to the process of researching builders and their trade, with the aim to uncover insights into their thoughts and experiences.

We are aware of the challenges that the building industry faces, in particular the on-going demand for housing which has arisen a result of the growing population. In turn, this makes builders a difficult to reach audience, however, we have been able to overcome these challenges and build up a portfolio of experience researching builders and their suppliers. In the past, we have worked with the leading suppliers to the building market such as online and catalogue suppliers of building materials, national merchant chains, roofing insulation manufacturers, glass manufacturers, landscaping manufacturers, building associations and design service providers.

Having conducted a range of quantitative and qualitative market research projects, on behalf of companies from across the construction chain our experience of conducting builder market research is second-to-none and as a result, we consider ourselves to be experts in the field. The projects we have worked on span across both the commercial building sector and residential building sector.

We have conducted builder market research projects using a range of methodologies, for example, desk research, qualitative research (such as group discussions and depth interviews), quantitative research (such as phone interviews and online surveys), consultancy and advice, and competitor analysis.

One of our builder market research experts, James Hinde, has around 15 years’ experience working within the construction industry and is the lead market researcher on all projects related to the building and construction sector. James has extensive experience of working with a range of building and construction clients such as Screwfix, Caterpillar and Wolseley Group.

Below are some of the other clients the builder market research team have worked with:

  • Tarmac
  • Kingfisher
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Lafarge
  • DuPont
  • British Gympsum
  • Ironmongery Direct
  • Sprue Safety Products

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