We have completed a number of complex projects in relation to insulation products.

Working with insulation market leaders, we have reached a number of difficult profiles to understand more about the insulation market. We have exercised both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to explore and understand the views of senior figures within some of the largest house builders in the UK towards the insulation market in general and future developments.

The house builder market is notoriously active, yet our senior researchers and senior interviewers are able to engage key commercial and technical contacts within the largest house builders using both in-depth discussions lasting up to one hour and shorter, more structured telephone interviews respectively.

We have also completed work looking into awareness and usage of very specific insulation types, such as phenolic insulation. Reaching experienced architects in some of the largest architectural firms, along with key specifiers within highly respected main contractors – both having specified the rare insulation type in the past – we were able to help our client understand the phenolic market in much more depth, and so helping them refine and develop their offer.