Customer satisfaction research on behalf of a company in the construction sector.

The challenge

Our client was a rental supplier of access equipment to the construction industry. They are a large supplier operating internationally across a range of markets. Service is critical in this market and our client was looking to benchmark their performance against what is important to customers, competitor performance and against previous studies to understand any change. This would help them to identify key areas for improvement in the future and to track progress.

We also ran a separate piece of research online with employees to compare their views with customers.

Our approach

We delivered a large programme of over 1,000 telephone surveys with customers in the UK, France, Germany, Middle East and Germany, in local languages from our internal interviewing unit. We developed a questionnaire to help us measure the importance of different attributes, and our client’s performance on them, against competitors. Where possible we kept this consistent with previous studies.

The results

By cross referencing importance vs our client’s performance vs competitor’s performance, we were able to identify key actions by country and these were outlined to country managers with clear action plans. We were also able to compare employee views with customers and identify any areas of disconnect.