The challenge

Our client – a manufacturer of chemicals used in a type of insulation commonly used in the construction industry – was considering acquiring a manufacturer of insulation. As part of this, they wanted to understand the importance of the brand name in the market. Decision making on insulation is influenced by specifiers, contractors and the merchants stocking these products so it was important we understood the influence of brand within this decision making dynamic.

Our approach

After some initial in-depth interviews to scope out the issues and help design an effective questionnaire, we moved on to complete a quantitative telephone survey of 485 relevant construction professionals in the UK including architects, contractors and merchants.

The results

The research found that usage of particular brands was often driven by building regulations. Although there had been strong trends towards the type of product our client supplied, there were also clear trends towards the usage of other brands which were perceived to offer similar value for a lower price. The research assessed the perception of a number of key brands and provided a strategic framework to allow our client to understand the strength of brands it worked with vs others.