Survey finds construction industry skills shortage is at critical

Survey finds construction industry skills shortage is at critical: A recent survey conducted by the built environment specialist, Scape Group, has revealed that the skills gap within the construction sector is at breaking point and is having a negative effect on the quality of the public sector projects being delivered.

Scape Group surveyed the construction supply chain to discover that 85 per cent of public sector managers had noticed a decline in the quality of their build environment projects as a result of the skills gap.

Of the public sector managers 35 per cent said that they believe the skills shortage is either ‘severe’ or ‘bad’ within their area, with 80 per cent of the public sector participants revealing that the skills gap negatively affects their ability to stick to a budget.

The skills shortage was cited by the public sector managers as one of the most significant barriers to a sustainable supply chain.

The researchers also surveyed subcontractors and contractors to reveal a large divide between the private and public sector when they were asked what makes an effective and healthy supply chain, as well as what their main goals are.

When looking at the main goals were within the private sector, it was found that long term operational stability was cited by 72 per cent, whereas decreasing waste and recycling was cited by 63 per cent. A further 58 per cent cited supporting local economies.

On the other hand, the majority (70 per cent) of the public sector respondents said that providing long term help for the local economy should be one of their biggest priorities.

When questioned about what makes a healthy supply chain, 67 per cent of the public sector managers revealed that suppliers and local skills are the most important factor. In contrast, 67 per cent of the private sector said that stable pricing is the most important factor for a healthy supply chain.